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Our key trainer has been leading outdoor activities and team building since 1993. Using the experiential learning approach participants will be subjected to several interesting tasks to achieve missions, solve problems, plan, decide and communicate effectively.
Outdoor activities: 1) Treasure hunt, 2) Explore-race, 3) Jungle and stream trekking, 4) Night walk, 5) Water adventure and confidence, 6) Adventur race, 7) Rock-climbing, 8) Map reading and orienteering, 9) Nature challenge, 10) Telematches, 11) Survival mission. 

Trekking to the Giant Tree is one of the most interesting adventure activities at Kendong Village Resort. The 40-minute walk take you into the wilderness of the Gunung Tampin Forest Reserve where you will discover the magnificent Giant Tree, standing tall, rooted on a huge boulder in the middle of a river. Pictures below (taken in March 2015)

Aktiviti-aktiviti luar yang dijalankan dan dikendalikan oleh jurulatih kami adalah separa lasak sesuai untuk semua peringkat usia. Mereka yang mencecah usia 60 tahun juga pernah bersama meredah hutan untuk sampai ke Pokok Gergasi. Laluan yang digunakan adalah mengikuti arah hulu sungai yang mengalir di dalam kawasan resort. Dari permulaan hingga sampai ke destinasi perjalanan mengambil masa kira-kira 45 minit. Sepanjang perjalanan anda akan melihat dan menempuh halangan batu-batu besar. Kemudian anda akan memasuki kawasan Hutan Simpan Gunung Tampin di mana pokok-pokok hutannya agak lebih tua dan besar.

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Kendong Village Resort is back to nature and back to simple basic life vacation destination, located in Kg Sri Kendong,a village approximately 7-minute drive from the Simpang Ampat/Alor Gajah/Tampin exit toll off the North-South Highway. After the toll, immediately turn right at the small roundabout, About six minutes drive you will approach the traffic light where you can easily see our signage. Please view our location map.

Once there, get the feel of the invigorating mountain-water swimming pool before going into the jungle to see the amazing giant tree of the Tampin Forest Reserve. Here, a fun family or group adventure retreat awaits you.

The amazing Giant Tree

Big Bikers KEMBARA Outing

A group of big bikers from all over the country and Singapore arrived for an adventure outing at our resort on the 31st July 2009.

Biodata of The Founder

M. A. Communication, Univ. of Kentucky, USA.                  
B.Sc. Iowa State, USA.
Dip. UPM.
Managing Director
Dignitel Sdn Bhd
True Millionway Sdn. Bhd.


The founder of Dignitel Sdn Bhd and True Millionway Sdn Bhd, Ahmad Kamil Mohamed, has been involved in the education and tourism sector since 1986. He started his career as a lecturer (1986-1992). For more than 26 years he has been a consultant, trainer, motivator, lecturer and Malaysia's sports tourism industry builder. 

Currently, he is the Managing Director of two companies, True Millionway Sdn Bhd, a training consultancy company and  Dignitel Sdn Bhd, a company in the midst of creating an agro and eco-tourism sanctuary. 

True Millionway Sdn Bhd manages its own training centre, the Kendong Village Resort (Sukabumi Adventure Center) at Kg Sri Kendong, Kota, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Since 1992, he has been leading three companies, one of which is a joint-venture with a group of Japanese businessmen, M&M Printers Sdn Bhd (1993-1996).

Among his achievements include:
1)  Recipient of the Merit Award from Sports Tourism International Council, based in Ottawa, Canada
2)  Led his team to win Top Ten in Venture 2002 Business Plan Competition organized by McKinsey & Co., MESDAQ and Malaysian Institute of Management
3)  Organized international conferences, and were invited to be a speaker at the national and international seminars and conferences in the realm of tourism, sports tourism, adventure tourism and event management.  
4)  He has introduced courses and taught at UiTM and the University of Malaya in sports tourism and outdoor adventure pursuits
Also, is one of the founders and now the President of the Malaysia Sports Tourism Council, and formerly the Editor of International Sports Tourism Journal. His contribution on the development of sports tourism in Malaysia has been recognized by the Sports Tourism International Council based in Ottawa, Canada and he was awarded the prestigious Merit Award in 2004. 

As a strong believer in experiential learning, he become one of the pioneers in developing experiential learning program in the country.  He has conducted team building training and other management and human skills courses for more than 1,000 groups of participants since 1992. He has authored a book entitled “Successful Communicator” (Keunggulan Berkomunikasi) and has contributed articles for main-stream newspapers and magazines.

His interest in adventure with nature has made him to be someone who cares the environment.  To him the natural environment provides an ideal setting for discovering the nature of being human within the framework of man and nature interdependence. “We learn to discover more about ourselves and our personalities by studying nature.”

Formerly, he has been with the American-British Business Council, Malaysian Institute of Management and Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia Selangor.

H/phone: 0123306808

How to get there

Approximately 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur heading South, using the North-South Highway and exit at Simpang Ampat/ Tampin/ Alor Gajah, lies our Corporate and Family Adventure retreat, the Kendong Village Resort (also known as Sukabumi Village Resort), Kampung Sri Kendong, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

It is approximately 10 minutes drive to A' Famosa Resort, Melaka and 30 minutes drive to Melaka Town.

Location Map
Programs and Facilities


A serene tranquil Kampong environment with Gunung Tampin Forest Reserve as the backdrop, is ideal and  suitable for family outing, corporate team building and family day.
Back-to-basic lifestyle for adventure learning and experience with the following leisure and recreational opportunities:
- Mountain-water swim & bath
- Telematches
- Karaoke & Creative Nite Performances
- Kampong Style Dining
- Adventure Race
- Treasure Hunt
- Giant Tree trekking expedition
- Paintball wargame
- Team Building corporate training
- Adventure English Camp
- Student Motivation Camp
All the above programs, activities and events are created and organized by our team of professional course leader, adventure and recreational team leaders and outdoor instructors.

Contact us:
The Managing Director
True Millionway Sdn Bhd
Attention: Encik Kamil
Handphone: 012-3306808 Email:

Kampong & natural environment

Mountain-water swimming pool

Water activity

Trekking to Giant Tree

Jungle trekking

Ample parking space

4 units of dormitory

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